In the prevailing pandemic situation due to COVID-19, EducationalInstitutions like Schools, Colleges, Universitiesare forced to switch over to virtual platforms like Online classes, Webinars for their studentsto implement safety measures like Social Distancing. As it was not an anticipated or acustomary method to conduct classes, many of the teachers and lecturers are still struggling to create the same impact in students, which they use to make in the traditional classrooms.

What is the role of HR in not only business, but any social system?

Practically speaking, the role of HR is to be a facilitator, who can motivate people to produce extra ordinary results. The corollary is that you do not need extra ordinary people to produce extra ordinary results. More often than not, you will find ordinary but well motivated people producing extra ordinary results and paradoxically, ill-motivated people with extra ordinary credentials producing undesirable outcome.

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