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Posted On: 29/08/20 08:09
Coaching Services from Transcat


Coaching is a process which coach helps coachee to build awareness, empowers through choices, leads to change, enable learning to maximize their performance for achieving his/her best and produce desired results.

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Sample profiles of coaches:

Wing Commander (Rtd.) Joseph Paulson https://transcat.in/joseph-Paulson.php
Dr. Rajesh Mohan Rai https://transcat.in/rajesh-Mohan.php
Dr. Priti Modi Iyer n.b. https://transcat.in/Dr-Priti-Mody-Iyer.php
Ms. Pragati Lal https://transcat.in/pragati.php
Dr. Vasu Sugunan https://transcat.in/veliyi-Vasu.php
Mr. Unnikrishnan K. B. https://transcat.in/unnikrishnan.php
Dr. James Thomas https://transcat.in/james-Thomas.php
Dr. Ganesh V. Shastry, M.D. https://transcat.in/Dr-Ganesh-V.php

TransCat People Solutions Private Limited
No. 16, 1 st Cross Street, B. K. Residency
Doddakkammanahalli Main Road, Begur Hobli
Off Bannerghatta Main Road, Bangalore - 560 076

Ph:+91 95902 02404

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Web : https://transcat.in/

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